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Itzhak Yaron, CFBS
Los Angeles, CA

Financial Advisor since: 1991
Previous Career: Social Worker
Education: Bachelor of Social Work, University of Tel Aviv, Israel

California Insurance License # 0787439

During his youth, the family business taught Itzhak the fundamentals of surviving as an entrepreneurial small business owner.  After serving in the Israeli army, he studied Social Work and immediately began working on projects to help small communities gain financial independence.  His philosophy was practical, "By teaching community members basic business skills, then helping them organize to reach their goals, success was easily within their reach!"  After many rewarding experiences helping communities overcome their financial difficulties through effective money management, Itzhak wanted to work more closely with individuals and families.  His transition into the life insurance industry was natural.

He joined MassMutual in 1991 and then branched to multi-company representation to better serve his clients.  His original attraction to MassMutual is easy to understand.  "I was searching for a company that would teach me in the same way I taught the community members...pertinent industry information presented in a positive, encouraging environment.  MassMutual had all that and top-of-the line service for my clients."  Now, as always, Itzhak is not hesitant to ask for advice from management.  "One of my most important sources of knowledge is the experienced support staff which is dedicated to my success."

He quickly built his business foundation from a small network of entrepreneurial young business people like himself.  The most satisfying moments for him are helping young families and small business owners build a nest of wealth that will give them security when they need it most.  His clients' loyalty, repeat business and referrals show his success.  “It is a great compliment when my clients introduce me to their friends, families and business associates.   Our marketing strategy relies on satisfied clients introducing us to new potential clients. We must provide excellent service to our existing clients to grow our business. ”

As a trusted professional, Itzhak has two important business practices he follows closely. Before he presents a solution to a client, he always puts himself in his client's shoes and asks himself, "Is this a business decision I would make, if presented to me?"  The answer has to be "yes."  The second practice is to listen earnestly to his clients.  "I have to see the issues from the client's perspective, and to do that, I have to listen empathically to every word and expression of body language to ensure that I understand the problem completely before offering a solution.  When I make a recommendation, I am sure that I have addressed all the client's needs and concerns.  Our mission as trusted advisors is to help guarantee that the estates our clients built will transfer to their loved ones seemlessly."


Million Dollar Round Table: 1998, 99, 2003, 04, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10  Court of the Table 07, 08, 09
Affiliations: Society of Financial Service Professionals, Los Angeles, California
Designations: CFBS: Certified Family Business Specialist; Special Care Planner